The Howelpa Logistik GmbH is your perfect partner as new furniture distributor in the furniture industry.

With decades of experience we profit from the know-how that we have gained in over 20 years of specializing in furniture logistics.

Not only do we deliver to the furniture retailers, but also we are specialized in the end-customer delivery and assembly of furniture using our 2-man teams. 

We offer a transport flow from your production centre, as well as transport to retailers and end-customers Europe wide.

  • Europe wide delivery to the furniture retailers – 1 man handling

    • Shipping advice
    • Collective freight through own network
    • Direct delivery through own truck fleet

  • Europe wide end-customer delivery – 2 man handling including:

    • Delivery advice – by phone
    • Professional assembly service
    • Money collection service
    • Packaging removal service
    • Old furniture removal service
    • Delivery to islands on request

We also offer a 48 or 72 hour service within Germany. A professional return and claim management in case anything might not be to satisfaction.

All in all we organize everything for the complete logistical solution.

The Howelpa Logistik GmbH is a 3 PL – (third party logistics service provider), offers servives in the sector new furniture logistics, transport logistics, warehouse logistics as well value added services.

We offer a complex service packet to help you in all areas of logistic services. Please contact us for more details.