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The Howelpa-Logistik GmbH website contains information about the company, the products and the services that it provides. The site will be continually refreshed and updated. Technical changes and wording are subject to alteration and typing errors.

Howelpa-Logistik GmbH
Halberstädter Str. 30
33106 Paderborn

Telefon: 05251 883-400
Fax: 05251 883-425

Managing director:
Anna Sommermeyer-Rickert

Commercial register:
Amtsgericht Paderborn HRB 3338

USt-ID-Nr. (VAT Nr):
DE 812 661 709

EU-Lizenz erteilt durch (EU licensce issued from):
Kreis Paderborn Nr. D-05-25-G-0146

NB: The Howelpa-Logistik GmbH is not responsible fort he content of external sites.

Information requirements according to the German Telemedia Act

Section 5 TMG [Telemediengesetz – German Telemedia Act] stipulates the below obligations to provide information: 

(1) With respect to commercial telemedia which are generally offered against payment, any and all service providers are obligated to keep the below information easily recognisable, immediately accessible and constantly available:

  1. Both the name and the address at which they have their registered office and, in the case of legal entities, the legal form, the names of the individuals who have the right to company representation and, to the extent to which any information is provided concerning a company’s share capital, the share capital and the total amount of contributions which still need to be made, unless all the contributions to be made in cash have already been made;
  2. Information which enables a quick electronic establishment of contact as well as direct communication with the respective company, including a valid e-mail address;
  3. Information on the supervisory authority in charge to the extent to which the respective services are offered or provided within the framework of activities for which an authority approval is required;
  4. Excerpts from the commercial, societies, partnership or co-operative societies register into which the company is entered, including the respective register number;
  5. Information on the following to the extent to which such services are rendered in pursuance of a profession in terms of article 1 (d) of the Council Directive 89/48/EEC of 21 December 1988 on a general system for the recognition of higher-education diplomas awarded on completion of professional education and training of at least three years' duration (OJ EC no. L 19 p. 16) or in terms of article 1 (f) of the Council Directive 92/51/EEC of 18 June 1992 on a second general system for the recognition of professional education and training to supplement Directive 89/48/EEC (OJ EC no. L 209 p. 25, 1995 no. L 17 p. 20), last amended by the Commission Directive 97/38/EC of 20 June 1997 (OJ EC no. L 184 p. 31)
    a) the chamber to which the service providers belong,
    b) the statutory denomination of the profession and the country in which this denomination of profession was awarded, and
    c) the denomination of professional regulations and information on how to access them;
  6. The value-added tax identification number in terms of section 27a of the Umsatzsteuergesetz [German Value-Added Tax Act] or an economic identification number in terms of section 139c of the Abgabenordnung [German Fiscal Code] to the extent to which the company disposes of such identification numbers; and
  7. Information concerning any dissolution or liquidation proceedings with respect to joint-stock companies, limited partnerships by shares and limited liability companies.

(2) Any additional obligations to provide information on the basis of other legal provisions are not affected by this. 


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